Alumawood Solid Roof

The tropical weather and its consequent rain invites customer to protect their patios and to create a safety areas to enjoy their backyards. Aluminum roof are a solution because aluminum are better choice than a regular wooden flat roof.

The Alumawood Patio Cover looks like a traditional wood patio cover, but provides all of the benefits of aluminum, including strength, durability, extremely low maintenance and more. With this lattice top patio cover you can reduce your exposure to the sun by 40 to 60%, while still maintaining air flow and allowing filtered light into your home’s interior.This a very attractive patio cover that complements most South Florida home styles. At 2Fix Corp we will create a customized design to meet your specific needs, and then provide expert installation services. Some of the many options that we’ll consider in creating this design include:

  • Size and spacing of the lattice beams
  • Patio cover height
  • Beam spacing (up to 30 feet!)
  • Overhang size and style
  • Structural engineering
  • Single or duo-color design
  • Designer columns
  • Electrical wiring for lights or fans

How its work:

Before install any patio Aluminum roof cover or pergola we prepare the sandwich panels and insert an aluminum beam inside, after that you can hang your fan and put all necessary cables from the wall. Is not recommended to put fan in the roof connectors, because the movement can affect to roof consistency and can provide leaks problems to your roof. We made aluminum patio roof covers with insulation foam from 2, 3, 4 and 6, between two layers aluminum plates 0.032

Aluminum Patio Roof Covers Versus Wooden Roof Patio.

Covering a patio with the right building material have been a question for years. The things is to find the best answer between aluminum or wood. We ever ask the customer; what do termites eat?, we don’t think is aluminum. The other term is the looks; at this point we have a material called “Alumawood”, meaning aluminum with wood texture. You know what?, it is fantastic. Please take a tour in our Aluminum Patio Roof Gallery for more ideas.

If you are looking for some economic aluminum patio covers. We will recommend the regular insulated patio covers. This patio roof are made in 3″ insulated panels and can be done in 6 different colors with aluminum structures in white and bronze. look at the picture below.