New Look for Aluminum Roof Patio

Aluminum roof are the easiest way to build a patio cover in your backyard. These  are very common in  all South Florida because their way to build. Most resident use to buy materials from different suppliers and build a regular aluminum cover for patios

Be careful with these point. A lot of people think that they are professionals in installing aluminum roof but, the reality is that many of homeowners  or single builders doesn’t know how to handle this type of construction and as a result a fatality  occurred .

Regular aluminum roof for patios are in different sizes: 2″ Insulated, 3″ Insulated, 4″ Insulated, 6″ Insulated and Non Insulated.

When you call at our office you most specify what kind of roof you are interested in , all aluminum roof have different specifications.

The use of metal as a roofing material has been in practice for thousands of years. The first metal roofs were made out of Aluminum, which is much more durable. Metal roofs provide a number of benefits:

  • Portability
  • Durability – While asphalt roofs may last only 10-20 years before they need replacing or maintenance, aluminuml roofs may last upward of 50 years with almost no maintenance.
  • Resistance to elements – Aluminum roofs are fireproof, resist hail, and shed snow easily as there is little friction between the metal and snow.
  • Recyclability – Aluminum roofing is often available from recycled materials, and can be recycled over and over without a reduction in strength or effectiveness. This is especially beneficial for aluminum, which is much easier to produce from recycled content than from aluminum ore (bauxite).
  • Design flexibility – Aluminum roofs can be easily fit to almost any shape
  • Energy efficiency – Coatings with high reflectivity can help save on cooling costs, especially in high-temperature areas.
  • Labor efficient – Aluminum roofing is easily installed and can be installed in large pieces.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resists algae and mildew growth
  • Environmentally sound – does not leach petrochemicals into runoff like asphalt shingles, and can be recycled over and over.