Alumawood Patio Roof

Alumawood Patio & Pergola

Alumawood patio roof is a new concept and engineered system in aluminum with wood look. Also know as “Alumawood” or Santa Fe roof, Alumawood is the most innovative roof for patios for its durability and internal structure. The roof has been calculated wings up to 160 miles per our and more, depending the design. This job was build in Parkland, Florida and consist in a combination of three roof in one with 3″ insulated panes. The complete project including landscaping and a pool was finished in 4 month. Our company provided all pre-designed plans for owner approvals before the construction.

After 3 month of complexion, the owner decided to add motion screens to the whole patio to cover all the area from mosquitoes attacks and bugs. 

Alumawood system has paint system with TEFLON® surface protector to repel dust, dirt and  oil making it easier to keep your structure looking clean and new. It not corrosive from salt and pollution. With an Alumawood  Structure, you get the the beauty of wood and  durable, low-maintenance aluminum surface.