Screen Enclosures

Screen Enclosures are so popular at this time. This are an exceptional option for residents in Florida who wants to enclose their patios with extruded aluminum structures. 2Fix Corp is a specialty contractor company for this specific construction. For more than 6 years our staff have been working in screened enclosures and have been developing a lot of techniques in this special construction field.

As a screen enclosure builder we will give you all warranties about your project.

Screen Enclosures for Porch

Why to build a patio enclosure?

  • No more bugs, mosquitoes or any insect
  • No more dirt into the pool
  • Enclose the patio
  • UV protection
  • Prevent cool winter winds
  • Guarantees the maximum safety and security.

Add value to your home i other of the swimming pool enclosure. When you purchase a new house and it has an screen enclosure, then you have your patio already set it up.

How much cost to enclose a Patio?

This is one of the best questions about screen enclosures in Florida. A lanai enclosure or a simple screen room can go from couple of hundred to a thousand. If you are enclosing a simple balcony you will only use 2×2, 2×1 extruded patio aluminum and a simple patio screen door. But when you build a huge aluminum enclosure, you will use lap beams 6,7,8 or 10″ wide so the price will increase a lot.

How to Start the building process?

The ease way to start building any screen enclosures or aluminum patio enclosure. Calling an specialist to give you a detailed estimate for your project. Please fallow the links here to hire a contractor.

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You can also find information about permitting and regulation in Florida visiting:

Miami Dade Permiting and regulation

Monrroe County Permits Applications

Broward County Building Department